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Our Services

Import & Export Service

Full comprehension and process with all modes of transportation: Air. Marine, Highway, Rail, or Multimodel Transport Operations for clients' LCL or FCL cargo.

Full understanding the Freight Forwarding Agency, Courier, and Post operation processing to handle your commercial or non-commercial shipments.

So we have the ability to custom-made of your Air / Ocean / Truck / Rail shipments to:

      Trace trans-shipment points,

      Provide faster cargo transit,

      Local Delivery,

      Reduce burden of documentations,

      Save cost etc.

Shipment Clearance

For each of your international importation crossing any ports of Canada, use of the advanced clearance techniques including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Automated Import Reference System (AIRS).

We provide Customs Clearance for your shipments cover entire Canada with

      RMD --- Release on Minimum Documentation

      PARS --- Pre-Arrival Review System

      CSA --- Customs Self Asseeement

Pre-Entry Activities

Our customs brokers never stop to plot a course on the latest CBSA(Canada Border Service Agency)  and OGDs(Other Government Department) regulations and Acts, and keep adjustment of industry changes. You can be confident that our customized, convenient and reliable services will help you complete your Import and Export business with simplicity.

 We help   clients achieve prompt release:          

       Documents preparation & verification

       Tariff classification

      Import Permit application and reporting

      OGD requirements meeting, e.g. CFIA(Canada Food Inspection Industry) Permit   application

      EDI-B3  Reporting 

      B13 Export Declaration

      Duty GST/HST Accounting

      Free Trade compliance consulting ...    

Post-Entry Activities

 We can   also provide you with accurate, timely, informational and professional   customs compliance consultation on-demand. From proper tariff classifications   to navigating the ins and outs of FTA(Free Tariff Agreement). We  can   help to do the B2 corrections to your previous B3 done by other people.   

We  can lend a hand to   improve your compliance efficiency:

     B2 --- Canada Customs   Adjustment Request (Correction or Refund);

     Tariff evaluating; 

     Business Number Registration   or Importer Number Application Submission;

     Free Trade Agreement(e.g.  NAFTA) registration;

     AMPS - Administrative Monetary   Penalty System;

     Drawback, Refunds, etc.     

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